Getting Curly with It

Summer, humidity, and curls don’t have to equal a hair disaster. In fact, tame the beast and you can harness volume and style with a few helpful tips and the right product.

Speaking of the right product, we’ve just released our all natural Curl Boost, a surefire way to unleash natural curls, amplify waves, destroy fizz, and tame flyaways. Formulated with organic Honey, Marshmallow Leaf, Peppermint, Goji Berries, and Lemon Balm to provide necessary, hair-enriching protein, add moisture, remove tangles and increase shine.

To use this featured product, simply spray this curl revitalizer onto wet or dry hair and scrunch to style. You are welcome to blow-dry or air dry. After finishing hair, we recommend adding a few extra spritzes to tame flyaways and smooth the overall appearance.

It’s really that simple to have controlled curls. Other ways to encourage natural, bouncy curls include:

  • Using a natural hair milk or cream to add nourishing moisture to your locks.
  • Go with an organic, curl-specific conditioner featuring strong hydrating power.
  • When hair is wet, use a wet comb or your fingers to gently detangle and encourage curls to form naturally.
  • Schedule regular hair cuts to to trim away any unwanted dry ends which can lead to splitting and frizz.

For additional help, consider our smooth style prep for extra support in taming your curly locks.

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