How to Take Care of Your Skin and Hair Through the Winter

The winter season can be tough. With short daylight hours, bitter winds and freezing temperatures, learning how to nurture yourself during this long season is an absolute must, especially when you brave the weather of the Midwest! To help keep you sane (and your skin and hair healthy and moisturized in the elements), here are several best practices to follow to help combat the regular appearance of dry skin and hair zapped of moisture this winter:

● No Super Hot Showers
While yes, a long hot shower may be just what you crave, we recommend limiting your exposure to hot water and to instead opt for room temperature to lukewarm water. Super hot water can strip away critical moisture from both the skin and hair when you need it most!

● Drink Plenty of Water
Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.This is always a good practice year round, but often in the colder months it is easy to forget that hydration is the key to how you feel and look.

● Limit Exposure to The Elements
If possible, whenever heading outside, wear proper protective clothing including a hat and gloves to protect hair and hands.

● Hair Oil
Using helpful hair care products like Clean Enhanced Organics™ Repair Hair Oil can help rejuvenate and protect your hair from the cold and dryness that accompanies the season.

● Vitamin C
Include foods rich in vitamin C, like citrus and dark leafy greens to your regular diet. Foods high in Vitamin C boost the production of collagen, a helpful protein that maintains the body’s connective tissues, skin, and hair.

● Hand Care
To protect your hands through the cold months, use Clean Enhanced Organics’ Nurture Hand Care .Nurture Hand Care smoothes, restores and conditions over-dry hands using plant-derived and conventional emollients.It absorbs quickly and is appropriate for all skin types.


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