Maintaining Moisture

Keeping your locks luscious requires a bit of attention. While few are blessed with hair that looks happy and healthy year-round, the majority of us have to put in a bit of work. As we say goodbye to summer and head into one of our favorite seasons, now is a critical period of time to consider your hair routine when it comes to maintaining the right amount of moisture. Here’s a roundup of tips to put into action to prevent dryness and properly hydrate your hair:

  • Take a break from heat
    Instead of styling your hair on the daily, experiment with alternative hairstyles like braids or buns to give your locks a break from hot air. If you must style, use a product that can provide a barrier between your hair and the warmth of hair dryers, curling irons or flat irons. If you plan on styling your hair every day, we recommend that you invest in ionic thermal tools to prevent damage.
  • Shampoo less
    Be sure to select a shampoo product that works best with your hair and helps it to retain moisture. We recommend that you skip shampooing on the daily as switching to an every other day pattern can give your scalp a chance to replenish necessary oils to prevent excess drying.
  • Prevent exposure
    When you head outdoors into the elements, be sure to wear a hat to protect your hair. UV rays can actually dry out your hair and if you color your hair, is a big contributor to fading. Protecting your hair is a good way to promote healthy hair.

Too many treatments
If you opt for too many chemical treatments including hair coloring, highlights, relaxers, perms or chemical smoothers, your hair can become brittle. Talk to your hair stylist about what options exist for gentler results.

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