Styling Your Hair with Clay

At Clean Enhanced Organics, we are all about creating gentle, clean approaches to looking your best. That’s why every one of our products unites the power of organic ingredients to cleanse, condition, and restore hair as nature intended.

This summer, we wanted to showcase our fun, usable products. Recently, we have been loving our Clay Pomade. Here’s how you can start styling your hair with clay this season.

Defining Hair Clay
Clay products for hair generally have a matte finish with a medium hold, which means that they are the perfect product for the everyday lifestyle. Most products use a natural substance called bentonite clay that is comprised of volcanic ash and beeswax.

This form of clay not only offers a relaxed and reworkable solution but it also can boost volume and make your hair look thicker. Not to mention, it is excellent at repairing dry or damaged hair.

How to Use

This user-friendly product is best used following these easy steps:

  1. Prepare your Hair
    Remove any product residue with a good wash. Apply any pre-styling product necessary or use a hair dryer to get your hair going in the direction you prefer.
  2. Dime-Sized
    Next, work a small dime-sized amount of clay into the palms of your hands to warm up the product and prepare it to be worked into your hair.
  3. Apply
    You guessed it! Apply the clay with your hands to your hair by working your hands from the roots down to the ends to ensure a even coating. Work product to a desirable volume.
  4. Finish!
    Last but not least, finish your hair by styling as you like and spritzing with a touch of hairspray if necessary. Remember, clay is a workable product and gives flexibility for restyling throughout the day as needed without the addition of more product.

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