The Benefits of Pre-Styling

That’s right, pre-styling – the before you style your hair portion of your routine. At Clean Enhanced Organics, we believe this stage in the game to be critical to achieving and sustaining great hair throughout the day. Here’s why:

1.Hair in Place
Pre-styling your hair helps your hair do what you want it to do. If you’ve ever been annoyed with stray hair or hair that won’t part where you want, using a pre-styling product like our Smoother Prep Style can help prepare your hair for where you want it to stay for the rest of the day, particularly if followed with a blow dry into place.

2.Boosts Shape
To get your hair to maintain shape, using product that adds texture and hold can help quicken and ease the process for your natural hair to work its own magic. Plus, pre-styling can thicken and prep your hair to hold it’s shape all day long capturing that elusive volume.

3.Better for Your Hair
Introducing a high-quality hair protectant during the pre-styling stage can help mitigate damage from styling by smoothing, repairing and conditioning your hair to revive dry and tired hair.

4.Craft a Manageable Routine
When you get into the habit of a pre-styling routine, your hair is able to fall into a manageable place that allows for easily reworking throughout the day to look your best.

At Clean Enhanced Organics, we deliver salon-only hair care products that insist on the highest level of product performance. Find out more about what we have to offer by visiting:

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