The Truth About Split Ends

When it comes to healthy hair, split ends are unwanted. A result of both weathering day to day damage, split ends are the result of the combination of brushing, washing, coloring, blow drying, flat ironing, styling and more – all the abuse we put our hair through.

Did you know, however, that there are different kinds of split ends? In fact, here are six of the most frequently seen types:

1. Basic Split
This split end is probably the most common development. When the hair splits, it stakes on a basic Y shape. With cortical cells intact, this marks the beginning stage of splitting and can signal that it’s time for more nourishment.

2. Tiny Split
This variety can be seen with a miniature version of the above Y shape, sometimes even just a little offshoot and can signal that your ends are thirsty but not yet at the stage of beyond repair.

3. Pronged Fork
Less common than the two above, a pronged fork-looking split ened shows more extreme damage to the hair fiber with more significant splitting. Try a deep conditioning mask and book an appointment for a regular trim.

4. Tree Fork
Just like it sounds, this type of split end manifests with offshoot splits, think a small Christmas tree tiered look, and can mean that your cortical cells are branching into separate sections. If you find these types of ends, get a haircut STAT.

5. Candle Wick
Different that the formations above, a candle wick looking split end consists of a thicker outer cuticle with a small thinner hair protruding. Basically this means that a trim is in order and look to nourishing treatments to help with damage control for regular routine.

6. End Knots
Ever wonder how a single strand of hair knots itself (especially if you have curly hair)? Well it is technically due to weak hair spots and breakage caused by brushing. Not quite as unhealthy as some of the examples above but take extra care not to cause breakage by investing in a proper hair brush.

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