Top Beauty Product Toxins

When it comes to beauty products, there are a wide-range of difficult to pronounce ingredients that can lull you into a net of safety. As a salon-only hair care line that firmly believes in the power of organic ingredients to cleanse, condition, and restore hair to its natural, beautiful condition, we adhere to delivering the ultimate in product performance, and not at the expense of your health.

Given the numerous chemicals found in products, we thought we’d help you out by offering a quick glimpse at the top toxic offenders found in personal care items:

1. Mineral Oil
A by-product of distilled petroleum and a carcinogen.

2. Fragrance/Parfum
This umbrella term that is often made up of a variety of fragrance ingredients that can include phthalates.

3. D.E.A. (Diethanolamine)
Similar to T.E.A. below, this ingredient reacts with nitrates in other products resulting in a carcinogenic combination.

4. Hydroquinone
A skin allergen, respiratory toxin, and a potential carcinogen.

5. T.E.A. (Triethanolamine)
An ammonia-based compound typically used as either an emulsifier or foaming agent, it is also known as a carcinogen.

6. Triclosan
A broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent, this ingredient alters hormone regulation and contributes to the development of antibiotic-resistant germs.

7. S.L.E.S. (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate)
Often found in industrial cleaners, this ingredients is considered a probable carcinogen in humans responsible for neurotoxicant and kidney issues.

Parabens (including Methylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Propylparaben)
A preservative used to combat growth of bacteria or mold, these ingredients can affect hormonal balance and may enable cancer development.

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