Want Thicker Hair?

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a tousled head full of gorgeous and voluminous hair. That’s not to say that thicker hair isn’t in your cards. In fact, with a little help from one of Clean Enhanced Organic’s new products: Thickening Elixir, you’re in luck.

This spray-on solution works best when applied to clean, towel-dried hair. After a few good bottle shakes, apply it to your hair and comb through. Then blow-dry or let air dry and style as desired.

Our elixir creates thick, voluminous hair strand-by-strand by focusing attention all the way from the roots to the end. Using plant-derived ingredients including proteins, organic Kelp, Turmeric and Ginger extracts, our Thickening Elixir creates healthier, stronger, and shinier hair.

Other natural methods for attaining that luscious volume include:

  • Changing Your Part
    This small trick can rejuvenate a flat, tired look by giving new lift to where you part your hair.
  • Back Brushing
    For out of this world volume, back brushing your hair, which is the process of holding out a paddle of hair and brushing towards the roots instead of towards the ends, can initiate a new wave of volume.
  • Blow Dry Upside Down
    Instead of fighting gravity to attain volume, flip your head upside down to bring about new heights. This simple trick, when used in conjunction with the above tips is a great way to cheat yourself to a look of more voluminous hair.

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