What is Balayage?

If you’ve heard this term yet are confounded by the definition, we are here to help. Balayage is a hot new hair trend that’s been hitting runways and magazine spreads since late last year. In fact, the term itself is french and it translates to “the sweep.” This sweeping appearance of color is in fact what makes this hair coloring technique so great!

Here’s a bit more about this new trend including how to care for it:

Easy and Subtle Change
As a fresh, new look, this hairstyle is great for those in need of a low-maintenance approach to hair. The signature Balayage look is marked by long textured layers, highlighted with dye to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. Essentially it captures the perfect quality that children’s sun-kissed hair boasts.

Color Range
Balayage works with your natural hair color and also is great for all hair colors on the spectrum. From carmel to light blonde, dusty brown to jet black, lightening the ends of your hair to create downward movement draws attention to your ends while nicely framing your face.

Suited for You
A great hair colorist can place color to suit your skin tone while creating softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. As a low maintenance look, this is the perfect trend for those looking for a non-committal change!

At Clean Enhanced Organics, we provide salon-only hair care that delivers the highest level of product performance. With a commitment to cleanse, condition, and restore hair as nature intended, our line of product offerings can help you stay up with the trends without exacerbating damage to the environment or yourself.

For hip hair color like ombre or the above discussed Balayage, our Color Full shampoo and conditioner offer a critical way to maintain the vibrancy of color-treated hair by delivering needed moisture to encourage manageability and shine.

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