Why You Should Use Dry Shampoo

We’ve all heard that you aren’t supposed to wash your hair daily. Over washing can strip your hair of vital oils that support growth and health. But what are you supposed to do on day two or even day three with that greasy, dirty feeling? Add summer humidity into the equation and it’s enough to make you head to the nearest shower and go for a good scrub.

Well, at Clean Enhanced Organics, we have the answer: dry shampoo.

This excellent product has been around for a little over a decade and is exactly what you need to extend the time between hair washings so you can look and feel great. Essentially, dry shampoo is a powder-like substance that enables your hair to be cleaned without the use of soap or water. Made of conditioning agents, solvents, and a light fragrance depending on the brand you use, dry shampoo works by absorbing the oils from your hair and scalp. Most often, it is applied via a spray or powder form right at the roots.

When you use dry shampoo, here are a few tips on how to make the most of its application:

  1. Don’t Overuse
    We get it, we get it. You are feeling unclean and want to capture that uber-fresh sensation that only comes after a shower. This is not that moment however. When using a dry shampoo, you’ll need to figure out the correct amount of product to counter your hair’s oil production. Overuse it and you might notice a residual powdery look. On the flip side, not using enough can leave your hair in an unwashed state.
  2. Not Every Day
    Speaking of overusing it, this product can be a life saver but we recommend not using it every day. It’s really only for those in between hair washing times. If used too much, it can actually clog your hair follicles which can make it difficult for your scalp to breathe.
  3. Maintain Distance
    When applying, be sure to hold away from your head slightly to avoid the chalky look that can come from spraying too close. We also recommend massaging your scalp after application to help work the product in.

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